TOEFL in Biology

Kingdom 界

Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria

Phylum of Animalia / Division of Plantae 門

Chordata 脊索動物門, Arthropoda 節肢動物門, Mangoliophyta

Class 綱

Mammalia 哺乳綱, Insecta, Amphibia

Order 目

Primates 靈長目

Primates are generally distinguished by their bigger brains, a refined use of hands and feet and the display of complex social behavior. They are the hightest order of mammals, for example, humans, apes, monkeys…

Amphibians 兩棲目

  • cold-blooded
  • vertebrates (spine)
  • land + water
  • amphi- means both sides, and -bian means of life.
  • Most amphibians start out life as gill-breathing larvae, while they mature into terrestrail, lung-breathing adult.
    • larvae (plural of larva) 幼蟲
    • terrestrail 陸生的

Reptile 爬蟲目

  • The Aldabra tortoises come from an uninhabited atoll in the Seychelles archipelago. These giant reptiles can reach one meter in lengthi.
    • uninhabited 無人的 (cf. uninhibited 不羈的= unruly)
      • uninhabited island
    • atoll 環礁

Family 科

Hominidae 人科

Genus 屬

Homo 人屬

Species 種

H. sapiens 智人


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